Real Estate Portal

Looking for a real estate website in Qatar. We have it ready for you to use in minutes.

New features added in the latest version of Real Estate PortalReal Estate Website Qatar

  1. Responsive and mobile friendly layout
  2. List and grid search results layout
  3. Save properties feature
  4. New search form
  5. Share the listings and recommend them to a friend
  6. Facebook log in
  7. New administration panel
  8. Subscriptions
  9. Improved users admin panel


Real Estate Portal Features

  • Advanced functionality for the administrators to define the property types, the associated fields with them and even set which fields are searchable!
  • Email alerts (email notifications for the users when new properties matching their search criteria are listed)
  • SEO optimized links, look like static html files with the property headline appearing in the link, for example:
  • Multi administrators back office - possibility to create multiple admin users and assign them different access rights for the system resources
  • Improved property packages functionality allowing the administrator to create different packages for the private sellers with a different number of allowed pictures and a different price; special packages for the real estate agents
  • Improved multi language functionality, now it's even easier compared to the previous version to run a multi language real estate portal

FRONT SITE - Functionalities 
Real Estate Portal Qatar

  • Search the database by defined criteria (rent/sale, type of the property and others)
  • Browse and sort the results
  • Post an ad (sale/rent)
  • Signup for private sellers, agents and affiliates
  • Functionality to contact the users posted a specified ad through the website
  • When a private seller has posted an ad an account is created for him, he may login after with it and make changes in his profile, ads and personal settings
  • Special functionalities for the agents after they signup and login to their personal administration space, to purchase multi ad packages and publish and manage multiple ads
  • Affiliates functionality - the affiliates may signup and earn commissions from the price per ad post on the website, they monitor their statistics and earning reports through their personal administration space
  • Publish featured ads on the home page
  • Frequently asked questions
  • News categories and news publishing
  • Newsletter functionality
  • Links section (with description and title for the links)
  • Contact form with email notification

BACK OFFICE  -  Functionalities 

  • Monitor, publish and manage the ads posted by the users
  • Consult, delete and modify the private sellers, agents and affiliates accounts
  • Add new pages to the website (and delete/activate/deactivate them)
  • Edit the content of the pages with a powerful WYSIWYG editor
  • Set custom extensions to be executed for selected pages
  • Unique interactive help functionality, right click on a page or element and get immediately help information for it
  • Use different templates for the website and a powerful templates functionality
  • Extend the application with ease with new Back office modules and application extensions written by yourself
  • Use standard, multiple levels and customized predefined menus, which are automatically generated according to the website structure
  • Set music files to played (for example in .mp3 format) on the pages of the website
  • Manage the URLs of the pages of your website, setup for example search engines friendly URLs to be used
  • Cross browser WYSIWYG editor to edit the website pages content
  • Define custom template tags and set custom extensions to be executed for them
  • Create custom server side forms, like Contact pages or product information request forms, with and integrated WYSIWYG forms designer
  • Consult the data sent by users through the published forms on the site
  • See statistics and charts for the visits of the website
  • Optimize the site for search engines, set custom titles, meta keywords and description for the pages, check the queries that the visitors used in Google to find your website
  • Submit your website to the major crawler based search engines, like Google and Alltheweb for example
  • Check search engines index report
  • See search engines popularity report for a selected page
  • Consult history for your login/log outs to the Back office application
  • Great security features to protect your website and the Back office application
  • Define custom welcome messages for the Back office users
  • Detailed security reports for the Back office
  • Define multiple groups and users for the Back office and assign them different access settings for the resources of the application
  • Consult history reports for the different users

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