What is WordPress?
WordPress is a popular blogging platform and powerful Content Management System (CMS) that is used by more than 70 million websites.  WordPress is a completely free and Open Source Project meaning that hundreds of people are able to work on the code meaning that WordPress is constantly evolving and improving.
History of WordPress
Websites are created using markup languages known as HTML & CSS. These can be time consuming to create, maintain, and manage and not everyone needs a highly customized website solution. WordPress was developed to be completely user-friendly meaning that an individual could easily manage and update their content without the need to learn complicated HTML.
Why use WordPress?
WordPress is flexible and easy to extend if needed through the availability of thousands of plugins and themes. Through these methods, an individual could change the entire look of a website or add complex features with just a few clicks of their mouse.Do to the nature of how large WordPress is, there are a multitude of support options available online such as watching online video tutorials on the web, getting help from WordPress experts, and being active in online forums.
WordPress is extremely SEO Qatar (Search Engine Optimization) friendly from the start. The core foundation of WordPress is fully compliant with web standards set by the W3C and works great on any device or browser. This clean, search-engine friendly code could mean that your pages will land on a higher spot in the search engines such as Google.
Through this CMS you are able to own your content meaning that you will not be limited by having to depend on webmasters to handle your content. Additionally, you will be able to easily import and export your content that makes backups a breeze.
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