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In this era of borderless organizations, where business processes extend far beyond the boundaries of the organization, it becomes imperative for you to adopt new-age practices and solutions to ensure 100% business control and transparency at the lowest possible operational costs. Our ERP on Cloud helps you achieve this and propel your company far beyond the competition, without burning a hole in your pocket.
Built on PHP, the most advanced and revolutionary enterprise application assembly and delivery platform, Web ERP is available both as on-premise as well Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models. Web ERP on Cloud is the most preferred choice for businesses across the globe as it encompasses in-built intelligence and business acumen for your industry.
Web ERP on Cloud covers the entire spectrum of enterprise functions through a suite of products - Manufacturing, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Project Management, Process Control, Analytics, Advanced Planning & Optimization, and Connectors. You can decide which solutions you want to use, scale up and add more solutions as your business grows.
Web ERP on Cloud enables you to get a 360-degree view of your business, anytime, from anywhere by putting all your business functions on to one single platform on the Cloud and automating and integrating them, end-to-end. With this unified view of business, you can drive innovation across the value chain, improve efficiency, and reduce costs and time to market. What’s more, the entire suite of products is accessible over the Internet, which gives you the freedom to access information from any part of the globe at the click of a browser button, whether from a laptop, a PDA, mobile phone or a tablet PC. So, you and your colleagues can monitor, manage and execute tasks even when you are on the move. 

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WebinCRM - Ultimate CRM Solution for your business needs

CRM Software Qatar

Do you need a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or inside sales software that is web-based and with the power of more popular CRMs (such as Salesforce, Highrise, SugarCRM, Dynamics CRM, vTiger, etc) but self-hosted on servers for security reasons?
WebinCRM is a web based online CRM that aims to be visually easy to use, simple and straightforward, and provides all the features you need from a full-featured CRM!
WebinCRM comes with:
  1. Contacts: mark your contacts as leads, clients and opportunities
  2. Deals: mark deals that are in process, accepted and/or rejected
  3. Calendar: put events in your calendar
  4. Sharing: WebinCRM is web-based and allows multiple users to use the system from their browser with their own separate login accounts
  5. Security/ACL: Only users who own a contact or deal or event can edit that specific entity, thus enforcing organization and ownership security/ACL.
With our excellent support staff in Qatar you can now try WebinCRM for your personal or business CRM needs, and you will not be disappointed!

WebinHRM - Ultimate HRM Solution for your HR needs

Hrm Screen

Maintain and track the human resources in your organization through our HR software! With WebinHRM, you can track the following:
  • Employees: the people who are working on their job, including contact information, position, salary.
  • Jobs: The job or position that employees hold in their job, start and end date, salary. WebinHRM supports multiple jobs for a person, so you will be able to track a long-term employee as they hold multiple roles and positions!
  • Timesheets: Allow freelancers and contractors (and full-time staff) to submit timesheets. Keep track of how many hours people have worked, and what it is costing you based on their hourly rate. 
  • Bonus: WebinHRM allows managers of a user to sign off and approve their timesheets, or reject them if needed.
  • Vacations: Keep track of employee’s vacations in one glance. See how many days employees have taken off in the year, and allow them to fill in vacation days.
  • WebinHRM also has powerful permissioning and ACL that is critical for any HR system!
WebinHRM has three levels of users: admins, managers and users.
While admins or power users can see everything in the system, managers can see job information of users who report to them (but not their salaries!), and approve users' timesheets.
Users can only view their own jobs, timesheets and vacations. In addition, they can only submit timesheets, but not change status (approved, rejected, etc.)
Whether you need to keep track of employees / staff / freelancers / contractors or their jobs / positions / roles; or their vacations and timesheets and salaries and expenses, WebinHRM can do it for you!

WebinJobsLooking for a job portal website ? We have the app to help you out.


WebinJobs Portal is a software product for running job portal websites allowing the employers to post their jobs, the job seekers to sign up and create their resume, search for jobs etc.

Jobs Template3
The employers can use different services on the website like: 
- posting jobs, bulk import or export jobs 
- make them featured 
- process the job applications, approve or reject them 
- post banners in selected banner areas, which are created by the administrator 
- search in the database with job seeker resumes and others. 
The administrator / website owner can charge the employers when using the different services or make some of them or all to be free. The software comes with different payment systems integrated by default like PayPal, Google Checkout, 2checkout, Skrill / Moneybookers, PagSeguro, PayFast, InterKassa, PayMate, Amazon Payments and others. 
The software comes also with an administration panel with multiple features allowing the administrator to manage the different configuration settings, the users and job listings, manage the website structure and content - add and remove pages, edit their content etc. 
The job seekers also have different features to search for jobs and create email alerts (in order to be notified when new jobs meeting their search criteria are posted), create their profile and their resume (by either uploading it as a file or using the online resume creator or the resume text editor). 
Jobs Admin Home
They can upload also additional files (like references, certificates etc.), which can be attached when applying for jobs and manage their settings (like setting if they wish their profile to be Public or Private, if it's not public, their profile and information won't show up in the search results, for the searches done by the employers in the job seeker resume database).